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The names are what haunted me. Each of them must have a story, a reason why they were among the 39 that died that day. So, I started to ask anyone I could think of - what happened, who were they? And people began to talk to me - sometimes just in snippets, like, "oh, those guys in Etobon, they got too cocky."

After a while, people began to tell deeper stories, and after asking my questions for several months, began to share documents with me. Mme Jeand'heur, daughter in law of a well-known local resistance leader who was called The Old Trapper, gave me a copy of a journal kept by the vice-mayor of Etobon, Charles Perret. Then other writings started to appear, including the unpublished journal of another of the Perrets. Reading them, translating them, brought depth to my understanding of September 27, 1944.

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