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How Will It All End?

Thursday, September 21 

There were German troops and German deserters in the woods all around Etobon. The cannons could be heard from about 20 miles away. Accusations were being made. Jules Perret wondered how it would end ...

"Bauer from “L’Amérique” [a farm in the woods near Etobon is named “America”] has been denounced to the Germans for having had the P.C. of the Resistance at his home.  Investigation, search.  Bauer, who speaks German, knew how to get himself out of the situation.  He gave them schnapps.  While they were drinking, the boches named the one who had denounced him.  What an imbecile!  He has almost certainly furnished the list of all the resisters at the same time, and now the boches know as much as we do.  How will it all end?

"At six, a “disbanded” band of soldiers passed by on foot.  Those of 1940 are dead and buried … One of the was humming the “Internationale.”  Another one, very young, had such a big smile that I said to him, “You’re smiling?”  “Oh, yes,” he said.  And another: “Krieg fertig!” … The end of the war, that’s all they’re thinking of.  But before that, they’ll do more evil, out of spite or just natural cruelty.

"Jacques is on another expedition, to la Fontaine qui Saute, looking for the prisoners.  The soup was ready and on the table, but no one was there to eat it.  They must have had to leave in a hurry.  Why?  Where?"

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