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The graves of some of those who died September 27, 1944

The Etobon blog contains portions of my translation of Ceux d'Etobon, by Jules Perret and Benjamin Valloton. Perret was an witness to a Nazi atrocity committed in the closing months of World War II in the village of Etobon, France. Perret's son, brother-in-law and son-in-law to be were victims of the massacre. has posted an article in which I've given the basic facts of the story of Etobon. Please visit the site and see other stories related to World War II prisoners of war.

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Those Who Died

The list of those who died in the autumn of 1944 is very long. Most were murdered by machine gun fire in Chenebier. Others died fighting the Germans or in concentration camps. Brothers, fathers and sons died together, leaving whole families to grieve.

Here are the names of those Etobonais who died for France (forty shot, two dead in combat, seven by deportation):

Goux, Gilbert, 17 years old, student at the high school

Perret, Charles, 24 years old, and his brother:

Perret, Fernand, 19 years old, died in deportation

Perret, Jean, 20 years old, and his brother:

Perret, Georges, 17 years old

Perret, Pierre, 35 years old, father of 2 children

Perret, Jacques, 33 years old, father of 1 child

Perret, René, 28 years old and his brothers:

Perret, Maurice, 20 years old and

Perret, Paul, 18 years old

Bauer, Maurice, 20 years old

Goux, Fernand, 41 years old, father of 4 children and his two adoptive sons:

Schoenenberger, André 28 years old and

Boulay, Robert, 22 years old

Beaumont, Aimé, 21 years old

Nardin, Charles, 29 years old

Croissant, Jean, 22 years old and his brother:

Croissant, Roger, 19 years old

Pernon, Pierre, 20 years old, died returning from deportation

Nardin, Jean, 17 Years old, and his brothers:

Nardin, Pierre, 20 years old and

Nardin, Raymond, died in deportation

Goux, Julien, 20 years old

Goux, Jean, 20 years old

Goux, Robert, 35 years old

Surleau, Georges, 42 years old, and his adoptive son:

Large, André, 18 years old

Nardin, Marcel, 42 years old

Nardin, Charles, dit Suzette, 52 years old, mayor of Etobon

Mignerey, René, 44 years old, father of 2 children

Nardin, Albert, 40 years old

Pochard, Alfred, 58 years old, and his son:

Pochard, Samuel, 28 years old

Lamboley, Raymond, 25 years old

Demange, Louis, 44 years old, father of 5 children

Grasset, André, 20 years old

Prosper, Pierre, 32 years old

Goux, Pierre, 23 years old

Guémann, Paul, 43 years old, and his brother:

Guémann, Christ, 40 years old

Vuillequez, Pierre, 35 years old

Voisin, Raymond, 25 years old

Tournier, Jules, 44 years old, killed in combat

Quintin, Edgar, 18 years old, and his brother:

Quintin, René, 20 years old, both died in deportation

Cristen, Jacques, died in deportation

Nardin, Alfred, died of the consequences of his deportation

[Editor's note: Gustave Bouteiller's name is included on the plaque in Chenebier, but is not on this list from Jules Perret's journal, nor is he on the list provided by Charles Perret in Etobon 1943-1944]