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Staying Here in a Trap

The maquis of Etobon had been busy avoiding German troops, making use of the woods to hide their guerilla attacks. Jules Perret wonders how they have escaped capture for so long, and whether it would be safer to try to join up with the American forces than to stay in Etobon.

Sunday, September 24

"Our pig gave us 105 kilos of meat.  I understand why we had so much trouble dragging it, last night, not daring to light the lantern.  Jacques and Kuntz were exhausted from their day at Belfort, in a pouring rain, on the Champ de Mars, surrounded by thousands of cattle.  Our guerrillas come home one by one, hands and faces scraped.  They’ve seen some sights!  They must have, not to have been picked off to the last man, there were so many Germans.  Wouldn’t they be better off slipping away to join the Americans than staying here in a trap?   With all his gendarmes, the adjutant Henry will try to get back to Champagney by way of the woods.

"Tonight, they’ll take away the German car and side-car left at the edge of the road and hide them in the fir trees at the Bouloie pass. They’ll smooth out the two German graves and hide them with dry leaves."

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